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Osbourne Quot Bizarre Attack On Kidman Quot Forehead

Frank reality TV show Sharon Osbourne launched an on-air attack against Nicole Kidman Aussie actor, who describes his face as a voice as flat-screen television. Osbourne, who is married with Ossie Osborne aging rocker, was raging against the Lying Bitche habit that admit having plastic surgery when he made the comment on U.S. Oh My God Those Liars I Hate Them Those Bitches said.. Talk show Chelsea Lately.
15.10.08 10:07

Mark Wahlberg Already Talking More Babies

Although he welcomed Brendan Joseph son just 3 weeks ago, Mark Wahlberg says that if it is for him, his family with partner Rhea Durham only continue to grow. In a new interview with Extra, Mark, 37, says that as the youngest of nine children, he d like to have As Many Given Mark role in the equation, however, he admits that he has the luxury of supporting a Bigger Is Better approach to family planning..
15.10.08 10:07

On The Scene Bow Wow Michelle Williams Prince Mary J Blige Robin Thicke

Bow Wow and bespectacledMichelle William hit the streets of New York as part of America Bow Wows walk through voter registration initiative to encourage young people to vote.
15.10.08 10:07

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